How Health Coaching is like a High Wire Act

How Health Coaching is like a High Wire Act
How Health Coaching is like a High Wire Act

Have you ever witnessed a tightrope performer teeter on a wire high above the ground? Watching can elicit many emotions.

Fear, exhilaration, trepidation, anxiety, and even excitement!

The feelings of watching a high wire performance can be like the journey Health Coaching clients experience, as they take those first small steps towards massive transformation.

It can be scary to think about change.

You may be afraid of another failed attempt at a diet or exercise routine. The thought of losing 10 pounds again just to gain back another 20, makes you feel sick. You may be afraid of upsetting the apple cart at home or wonder how changes will affect your family’s routine.

It’s out of your comfort zone to put your needs at the fore front of your daily life.

You may feel guilty or even selfish if you choose to go for a walk or schedule an exercise class. Taking time away from your family and responsibilities doesn’t feel right. And, adding another “thing” to think about or do seems daunting! All these feelings and emotions are completely normal. Yes, change can feel just like walking on a tightrope.

The high wire is your tether from where you are to where you desire to be.

You often dream about how good it would feel to be confident in your own skin again. You look back at pictures of yourself and wonder where that happy vibrant woman went. If only you could find a way to get there without all the guilt, shame and fear. It’s possible. With the assistance of a Health Coach, you anchor your goals to your unique vision and values, and your coach offers you a balancing pole to give you support along the way.

Self-doubt and limiting beliefs may creep in causing fear of failure or fear of giving up.

 Interestingly enough, on the other side of fear and anxiety, lies exhilaration and excitement. Together we work on consistent forward movement. That doesn’t mean your journey won’t be without some hiccups or setbacks. The beauty of having a partner, is having the encouragement and contingency plans in place to navigate the rough patches along the way. So, if there is a wobble or a stumble, we have a course of action in place to navigate those bumps and keep you plugging along towards your optimal health goals.

As your coach, I help you turn your fears and doubts into positive force.

I also help you focus on setting small attainable goals and offer you guidance along the way. By keeping your eye on the prize you’ll move forward towards your goals, rather than running away from your pain.

I invite you to try this simple exercise to help you visualize where you see yourself one year from now. Let’s pretend you choose to make 1 healthy change today. Like committing to walking twenty minutes outside 3 days a week.

Now close your eyes and imagine visiting your future self, one year from now.

  • What does her environment look like?
  • Is she in a familiar setting or is she in a new place?
  • How does she greet you? With warmth, excitement and encouragement?
  • What changes do you notice in her appearance? Does she look healthier or happier?
  • What advice does she give you when you ask her what the last year has been like for her?
  • How does it make you feel to see your future self in a new light?

As you consider what you can accomplish by taking small consistent steps each day, write down your goals and break them down into one action at a time. Look at what you can do each day, then each week, and build from there slowly.

Use the SMART goals approach and make sure your goals are:

Specific: This is the WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHEN and with WHOM part of your goal

Measurable: Provide a quantity and time (ex. Walk 3 days a week for 20 minutes)

Action-able: You will be able to execute the action if it’s within your capability and control

Realistic: Challenging enough to require effort, but not so lofty that it’s not reasonably attainable

Timely: Set an end date for your goal (ex. in 4 weeks or 6 months)

Now imagine how incredible it will feel knowing that you are on the path to the best version of yourself.  The changes you will see will be not only on the outside, but on the inside too!

  • Your confidence will soar, knowing that you came so far and with such courage and determination.
  • The smile on your face when you see and feel the changes in your body.
  • The energy you’ll feel when you’re sleeping better because you’re managing your stress and moving your body
  • The strength in your healthy body because you’re fueling it with nourishing delicious foods
  • The deeper connection you’ll feel with yourself and with those you love.

I encourage you to step up onto your high wire with bravery and excitement. I would love nothing more, than to have the honor to give you – your very own balancing pole.

If you’re curious about how Health Coaching can help you achieve the health and wellness of your dreams, please click below to schedule a time for us to chat. Don’t be shy. It’s a FREE call and I’d love to hear all about where you want to go!

Yours in Health and Wellness,

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How Health Coaching Is Like a High Wire Act