Are you tired of losing the same 10-20 pounds over and over again?

Do you look at old pictures and wish that you could get back to your previous healthy and confident self?

You know you need to make some changes, but you’re afraid you might fail?

Has the stress of a busy life put your health on the back burner, but you’re ready to make it a priority now?

Have you received a health diagnosis that’s left you feeling overwhelmed and you just don’t know where to start?

Heather Procknal in a yoga pose

If any of this rings true, let me tell you, I’ve been there before and have struggled with stubborn belly fat, bloating, chronic stress, and low energy. I’ve also received a health diagnosis that left me feeling scared and unsure of exactly HOW to fix it.

I understand just how hard it is trying to find time to take care of yourself while juggling everything else life throws at you!

 So, when I say I get it. I really mean it.

After much research, training, coaching and education (thanks’ to Duke Integrative Medicine!)…

I’m now armed with a proven method that will help you get from feeling overwhelmed and stuck, to feeling and looking amazing!

If you’re ready to put yourself and your health first, so you can be the mom, wife, friend, and bad-ass woman you dream to be, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Let me help you get your groove back by taking consistent small steps towards becoming your best most thriving self. We can do this together. It’ll be FUN…I promise!

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