The Missing Link Between Your Doctors Recommendations and Your Health Transformation

The Missing Link Between Your Doctors Recommendations and Your Health Transformation-06
The Missing Link Between Your Doctors Recommendations and Your Health Transformation-06

Allow me to set the stage for a moment. You’re sitting in the waiting room of your doctor’s office, trying not to touch anything because you’re just there for a regular annual check-up. There’s a lady sitting next to you with her box of tissues, who somehow hasn’t mastered the art of the “elbow sneeze”. So, now you’re sitting there trying to hold your breath until the nurse calls you back.

Your name is finally called, and you follow the nurse to the first stop. The scale. You slip off your shoes, because they must weigh at least 3 or 4 pounds, right? You take off your watch too, for good measure, and smile nervously as the nurse tap, tap, taps the two bars along the top of the scale.  You hate this part of the exam. It’s over and you are on to the rest of your visit with the doctor.

After reviewing your recent labs, you’re given the news that you’ve got pre-Diabetes and your cholesterol is elevated. But, with this new health information, there is little to no counseling on what it means to have insulin resistance or high cholesterol. And you may not be given a clear path on how to manage or overcome these conditions.

At the end of your visit you remember you also had a few questions to ask about your struggles with the numbers on the scale and how they’re creeping up and up. You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, but you know that somethings got to change.

So, you mention your concerns and your doctor says something about reducing your simple carbs, sugar intake and something else, but you can’t remember. The “counseling” on your weight lasts all of 30 seconds and you leave the doctors office feeling like you still have no idea what to do or where to start.

This scenario is unfortunately, not uncommon. With the time constraints physicians have these days on each patient’s visit, it leaves little room for comprehensive (more than 10-15 minutes) counseling.


Insert the missing link…Health Coaching

 As a Health Coach it is my job to help my clients understand their doctor’s recommendations and make the process of habit and lifestyle change a journey that includes, clarity, direction, support, and accountability.

It is also my job to listen and help you discover what areas of your “whole health- mind, body, and spirit” you would like to work on.

You see, it’s typically not just about the numbers on the scale. For most people, weight problems are merely a symptom of deeper aspects in their lives. Our emotions play a vital role in how our physical body functions and if there is too much stress, fear, anger, apathy, anxiety, overwhelm, etc., it will manifest as a physical disfunction.

When this happens, it can show up in the form of disease such as:

  • liver disfunction
  • gall bladder disease
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • cardiovascular disease
  • or many other chronic diseases

With that, comes weight gain, insomnia, low energy, brain fog, dull skin and hair, GI issues, abdominal pain, or depression. The list goes on and on.

So, what does this mean?

If you’re anything like most people you go to good ole Google and search for ways to overcome your disease or health concern. This search can lead to feelings of overwhelm and confusion.

There is an abundance of free info on the web, recipe books, diet and exercise plans, but the path to success is more attainable with the guidance and support of a Health Coach.

What does it look like to work with a Health Coach you ask?

Well, the very first step is, we explore your goals and get to the root of what YOUR vision of optimal health looks like. We address your values and discover your unique and personal “WHY”.

Lasting habit change will not sustain without a clear what (vision) and a clear why (values).

Without those two things, people will set themselves up for another failure. Another failed diet, another failed exercise program, or another failed attempt to improve their health or reverse their disease.

Why do you want to improve your health?

  • Is it to be more active and engaged with your loved ones?
  • Is it because you’re tired of feeling tired?
  • Is it because you want to feel confident and happy again?
  • Is it so you can reverse or overcome a health diagnosis such as Pre-Diabetes, high cholesterol, NAFLD, Liver Disease, Metabolic Disease, Thyroid Disease?
  • Is it because you want to be a better example to your kids by showing them how to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Is it so you can “Finally Get Your Groove Back”?

Whatever the reason, be sure you know WHY you want to improve your health.

Other questions we would explore together might include:

  • What does your optimal health look like?
  • Where do you see yourself in 6 months or 2 years?
  • How will improving your health have a direct impact on important areas of your life?
  • What are your biggest struggles?
  • How do you plan to get there?

A Health Coach will work with you to find clarity and direction. Then together, you’ll create a plan that includes accountability and support from your coach throughout the process.

 The key elements of effective Health Coaching are based on;

  • Partnership
  • Refined skills
  • Coaching Process

This trifecta is then wrapped with a cozy mindful awareness blanket. Yes, this may sound a bit touchy-feely, but the process works if you commit to yourself and give yourself the value and attention you so deserve! Please re-read the previous sentence – because I know that this process works.

I’ve seen the Health Coaching process transform many lives in unbelievable ways and I believe wholeheartedly that YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH TOO!


The very foundation of health transformation is to recognize that you are WORTHY of a healthy life.

You only have one body and you must make it your priority to treat it well.

This is so much easier said then done though, right?

If you’ve been too busy taking care of everyone else’s needs before your own, then this habit is hard to break. But, just for a moment, imagine if you got sick or you were stopped in your tracks due to illness. Who would take care of your family and do all the jobs that you do? How would that affect you and those around you? Yes, this is scary to think about. But, it’s important.

Remember to “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others”.

 I can relate to the struggles because I’ve been there, and I understand how hard it is to change old habits. It took a liver disease diagnosis for me to wake up and get serious about making consistent changes towards healthy habits. It hasn’t been an easy straight path, and there’ve been bumps along the way. But, with a clear plan, support, consistency, and small steps, I am proud to report that my health and overall wellness are drastically improved!

 I know this…You too can turn your health around!

 If you’re curious to learn more about how Health Coaching can help you connect the dots between your doctor’s recommendations and your own health transformation, please (click here) to schedule a FREE discovery call with yours truly.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

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The Missing Link Between Your Doctors Recommendations and Your Health Transformation